• Sourcing Deals: While we have great relationships with all of the regional and national brokers, the local brokers will have the most interesting, least examined gems. Better still, with our close contacts amongst the major property owners we can help you find your next deal before it hits the wider market. This is exactly where a local presence is critical for uncovering opportunities that others have missed.
    • Underwriting: With the benefit of investing through multiple real estate cycles, we viscerally understand the true value of a realistic, conservative underwriting that can stand the test of time. Every analysis will be informed by the local markets, by not only touring every space but also from the deep knowledge of competitive spaces and units to benchmark against. Supply and demand dynamics are measured at the sub-market level and cannot simply be generalized from the region, and that understanding comes from being on-the-ground and walking each neighborhood.
    • Local Connections: When investing in a unique deal, a one-size-fits-all operator will just not cut it in a competitive environment. That’s where having the local connections to the city’s best operators — such as those that focus on a specific niche, mid-rise apartment developments in Capitol Hill, for example — will make or break the business plan execution and the ultimate exit strategy. We can connect you with the optimal operator for each deal and also negotiate the joint venture agreement that properly aligns interests for all parties and works for your organization.